Whose Wife Is She?


The Pharisees or Sadducees asked Jesus if a woman marries seven brothers after each one of them dies, who will she be with in heaven? He told them they would be in the spirit. Where is that story in the Bible?


The passage you’re looking for is in Matt. 22:23-33. It was the Sadducees who asked Him. What He actually told them is that in heaven we neither marry nor are we given in marriage, but we’re like the angels. By this He didn’t mean that we’d be spiritual beings only, but that our marital status would be like theirs. There’s plenty of evidence that ours is a bodily resurrection. (Job 19:25-27 & 1 Cor 15:42-44).

It has always fascinated me that the Sadducees didn’t even believe in a resurrection from the dead. They were just trying to trap Jesus. They were astonished when Jesus told them that Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob were still living (Matt 22:32).