Why Ask Forgiveness If We’re Already Saved?


I was talking to a friend and he strongly believes that one can lose their salvation. I brought up that your salvation cannot be pulled out of God’s hands, and he agreed. Then he said that it only worked that way if you did not sin. He stated that that was the reason as to why people go and repent everyday and night, to again be holy and be secure in salvation. Basically, he stated that we “work” for our salvation day and night by prayer. What should I tell him, for I am a bit intimidated.

Also, why do we pray for our forgiveness everyday if we are already saved?


Many believers fail to understand that there are two facets to our relationship with the Lord. The first is our salvation, eternal and unconditional. I call it Union. It guarantees our place in Heaven. The second is our relationship with God. It’s in the here and now and is conditional. I call it Fellowship. It makes all our earthly blessings possible.

These two are symbolized in the parable of the Prodigal Son. Throughout the entire story he was always his father’s son. That never stopped, nor could it. He had union with his father by means of his birth. But while he was off living his life of sin it did him no good. By his actions, he had suspended the relationship. The moment he came to his senses and confessed he was restored as if nothing had ever happened.

When we become a believer we gain union with the Lord by means of our second birth. Nothing can ever take that away. But while we’re off living a life of sin, it does us no good, because by our actions we’ve suspended the relationship. The moment we confess, we are restored as if nothing had ever happened.

Praying the sinner’s prayer once brought us union with God forever. Praying 1 John 1:9 when we sin keeps us in fellowship every day.