Why Blood Sacrifices Again?


I am teaching re: the Millennial Temple, and was most interested in your teaching on the subject in a recent article, and the suggestion that Shiloh may be the location. I agree that the Age of Grace Interrupted the Age of Law, and it (age of Law) will take up again during the Tribulation period.

I can understand grain offerings, thanks offerings, etc, being offered, but when it comes to blood sacrifice, how is that reconciled with the book of Hebrews in which Paul is admonishing believing Jews not to go back to Judaism; emphasizing that Jesus’ sacrifice was once and for all.? I realize that there were blood sacrifices other than the sacrifice on the Day of Atonement, picturing Jesus’ atonement sacrifice. Can you shed some additional light on this?


Once you see the church as only an interruption to the dispensation of Law, then the return of the Temple with its animal sacrifice after the Rapture makes sense. (It’s also easier to see why the Rapture has to precede the 70th Week.) Everything must be like it was before.

The age of Grace is a special “limited time offer” that expires with the Rapture. Paul said its purpose was to make the Jews envious (Romans 11:11) and that’s what it did. The Jews had fits about it and tried their best to draw converts back into Judaism, but the writer of Hebrews warned them against it. During the Age of Grace the old way would no longer be accepted because they had failed to see that it pointed to the Messiah (Hebr. 10:1-4). During the Church Age salvation can only be achieved by Grace alone.

But all that ends with the Rapture and Israel will be given another opportunity to get it right. This time they will. Toward the end of the 70th Week God will pour out a Spirit of Grace and supplication and they will look to the One they have pierced. (Zech 12:10) Then their blood guilt (Matt. 27:25), which to this day has not been pardoned, will be pardoned (Joel 3:21) and the Kingdom Age will be ushered in.