Why Did Jesus Come When He Did?


Thank you so much for your wonderful insight into the Bible. God blesses me so much through your website.

Why did God decide that Jesus would come when he did? If I understand correctly, it was about 4,000 years after creation. I tried to compare it to the days of creation but on the fourth day God created the sun and and moon (the greater light and lesser light) so I don’t see a direct correlation to this. I realize that prophecy later on in the OT (Daniel 9:25) gave us the exact time but is there any indication of why then?


Four is thought to be the number of Earth because by the end of the 4th day, Earth’s creation was complete and ready for habitation. Jesus came to redeem the Earth from it’s bondage to sin 4000 years after it was subjected.

Six is the number of man because man first appeared on Earth on the 6th day. He’ll come again 6000 years after He placed man on Earth to bring him into the promise of His Kingdom. Although the work of redemption is done, neither of these things can become an accomplished fact until he has first gathered His Bride to Himself. (Romans 8:18-25)