Why Did She Say That?


Recently I met a woman. The third time we went out she advised me that she prayed in tongues and did not believe in dispensation theology. She knew my son in law graduated from Dallas Seminary. Her comment came out of the blue, as we were talking about something else at the time. When I asked why she brought it up she said she didn’t know. How do you deal with someone like that ?


For a subject like that to come up out of the blue, it must be important to her. She could have wanted to see how you’d react. Some non dispensational charismatics believe in Dominionism, which means they think there’s a huge revival coming when the Church will convert the whole world to Christianity before the Lord comes back.
If she is one of them and you’re a pre-Trib dispensationalist, this means she has an entirely different view of the End Times from yours. As different as night and day.
All these things can be important to your relationship or not, depending on how seriously you both feel about your positions. Being in a relationship with another believer is good, but sometimes it isn’t enough. Being doctrinally compatible can also be important, especially if you both feel strongly about your beliefs. There are many married couples who can’t talk abut certain doctrinal issues because they just turn into arguments.

Why don’t you share your beliefs with her and ask her about hers? This will give you a chance to see how important the issue is while the relationship is still new.