Why Does God Do That?


I have a young man in my Sunday School class who asked me a question that I’m having a little difficulty answering to the extent he wants. His question, “If God already knows what we’re going to do or say, why does He bother putting us in situations He does, or presenting us with problems when He knows we’re not going to make the right choice ?


Tell him our life with the Lord is a learning process. In the first place, He doesn’t put us in “situations” or create problems for us to solve. We do that to ourselves. What He does is let us learn from our experiences by applying Biblical truth to real life. He doesn’t do this so He can see how we’ll respond because He already knows that. He does it so we can see how we’ll respond because that’s the only way we can learn anything. When we make the same mistakes over and over it just means we aren’t learning.