Why Have You Forsaken Me?


I have a few questions that have been bugging me. They are really getting between me and my faith. This is one of them. Jesus was God’s perfect follower, and perfect role model representation for us. How come He questioned God on the cross. ‘WHY HAVE YOU FORSAKEN ME???’ If he was this perfect follower how come he questioned God?


Jesus had been the perfect follower, had done everything the Father had asked and nothing else (John 5:19). But suddenly God turned away from him, abandoning Him to a lonely and painful death. It was because Jesus had been made sin for us (2 cor. 5:21) and the Father cannot look upon sin (Habakkuk 1:13)

You and I have no way of knowing what that felt like, because we’ve never been one with God. Jesus had never been anything but, and being separated from Him prompted the only time He even made a sound of protest during the entire crucifixion ordeal.