Why Sacrifice Animals In The Millennium?


If the surviving Jewish remnant is brought to a belief in Jesus Christ as their true Messiah during The Great Tribulation, what would be the need or purpose of animal sacrifices still being offered up in The Millennium Temple by them when Jesus Himself is seated upon the Throne?


During the Millennium animal sacrifice will replace the Lord’s Supper or communion as the memorial to the Lord’s completed work on the cross.

Children born during the Millennium will have to choose to be saved just like you and I. They’ll use these sacrifices to learn about the Messiah just as Old Testament believers did.

Before the cross, anyone who believed by faith that the sacrifices represented a coming Redeemer who would die for their sins was saved. In the Millennium, anyone who believes by faith that the sacrifices represent the Redeemer who already died for their sins will be saved. Jesus died once for all time. Some looked forward to it while others will look back upon it. The objective for all is the same, belief by faith.