Why Was Enoch’s Book Excluded


I was reading your answer to the question: How Can Angels And Humans Have Children? I looked up the Book of Enoch. Very Interesting. Can you tell why it wasn’t included in the Bible?

Also, I was discussing this with my husband, and he said Enoch came from Cain, so I thought maybe that is why it wasn’t included, but then I was looking in Genesis, and it seems as though there are two men named Enoch in the Bible, one indeed from Cain, but the other from Jared (Seth’s side). Genesis 4 and 5 can cause some confusion if a person isn’t really paying attention. So many parallels in names: Methusael (from Mehujael)-Methuselah (from Enoch) ; Lamech (from Methusael) -Lamech (from Methuselah) ; Enoch(from Cain)-Enoch(from Jared).

I guess I am asking about this point to make sure I understand correctly, these are six different people? Do you know which Enoch the Book of Enoch came from? Thank you.


The Book of Enoch wasn’t included in Scripture because it wasn’t written by either Enoch of Genesis times and didn’t appear until long after the events it describes. Also, theological errors led scholars to conclude that it wasn’t an inspired writing. So, while there are many interesting explanations of traditional Jewish beliefs, the book should not be given the weight of Scripture.

There was an Enoch as well as a Lamech in both the lines of Seth and Cain, and Methushael and Methuselah were two different people, So yes, the references you cited are of six different people.