Why Was Lot Considered Righteous?


Can you help me understand why Lot and his daughters were considered righteous? First, he offers his daughters as potential rape victims to the Sodomites, then later on his daughters seduce their own father.


I believe the Bible only describes Lot as being righteous (2 peter 2:7) not his daughters. That said, the customs of the day required that having invited the two angels into his house, he and his family became responsible for their safety, and were bound to protect them (Genesis 19:8). As outrageous as this sounds to us, offering his daughters to the men would have been preferable to putting the lives of his guests at risk. Also the fact that Lot was so insistent that they spend the night at his house and went to such extremes to protect them may indicate that he had some idea of who they really were.

And Genesis 19:33,35 indicates that Lot was drunk and didn’t realize what his daughters had done when they tricked him into impregnating them.

But irrespective of these things Lot was like the rest of us. His righteousness was imputed to him by faith. Otherwise, the Lord would not have been obligated to save him based on His prior discussion with Abraham, who had only asked for mercy on behalf of the righteous.