Wilderness Temptation. Follow Up


In your post “The Wilderness Temptation”, you say “All of Satan’s temptations were an effort to get Jesus to take back His Godhood, and that would have compromised His mission.” How did Satan know that if Jesus took back his Godhood, His mission would be compromised?


In Leviticus 25:25 we’re told that it took a next of kin to redeem a person’s loss of property. That means Jesus had to be a blood relative of Adam’s to redeem the Earth. Leviticus 25:47-48 also says it takes a relative to redeem a person from slavery if he cannot redeem himself. By acquiring a sin nature all Adam’s progeny were sold into slavery to sin and cannot redeem themselves. Only a qualified relative can redeem them.

When Jesus came to Earth He came as a kinsman of Adam’s, qualified to redeem what Adam had lost and free his progeny from slavery to sin. In doing so He limited himself to the powers and abilities of a man. If God could have redeemed us directly He would have. If an angel could have done it He would have sent an angel. According to God’s law, only a qualified human relative could do it (Hebr. 2:14-18). Satan knew that taking back His Godhood would have disqualified Jesus as Adam’s kinsman redeemer.