Will All Israel Be Saved?


A friend and I were speaking today following church and he began asking me questions about what the Bible says concerning the Jewish people and their judgment. First, the Bible says that all of Israel will be saved right? Does that include non-believing Jews that died during the Church Age? Or is this scripture referring to the time of the tribulation at the end of the age?


In John 14:6 Jesus said, “No one comes to the Father except through me.” This includes both Jews and Gentiles. When Paul said, “All Israel will be saved” in Romans 11:26 he didn’t mean every single Jew. He meant that every tribe of Israel will be represented as the Kingdom Age begins. Non-believing Jews who have died during the Church Age will be lost just like non-believing Gentiles.

In Romans 2:28 Paul wrote that a man is not a Jew if he’s only one outwardly. In order to be considered a Jew, he has to be one inwardly, by the Spirit. This means Jews have to believe in Jesus to be saved, just like Gentiles.