Will Christians Suffer Hard Times?


I believe that the Church will miss the worst of the end times because of the rapture, but you have to admit that things are starting to look pretty rough financially to those of us that can see, and I’m wondering a couple of things. First, how bad do you think it will get for us before the rapture (an educated guess, obviously) and second, do you have or know anyone who has recommendations for Christians to ride out these last days? I personally don’t feel any sense of panic, that the Lord will sustain us, and maybe that’s the whole point; that Christians will be an example of God’s provision even just before the rapture. What do you think?


Christians who have acquired excessive debt to support their lifestyle may soon feel the same financial pressure as non-Christians. Rising prices, a sudden interruption of income, or increasing interest rates on current debt can cause problems quickly for someone whose finances are stretched too thin, and there’s no reason to believe that the rapture will take place before these things become more prevalent.

If the dollar continues to lose value against other currencies, then imported goods will become more expensive. When is the last time you tried to buy anything made in America? A declining dollar will cause increased prices at the gas pump too.

The Fed has just cut the interest rate again in an effort to control inflation, but if interest rates get too low then foreign investors won’t want to help fund our country’s debt, so it’s a catch 22. Plus, our country has enemies who are trying very hard to destroy our economy.

I’m not a financial expert, but those who are say we might be in for some hard times soon. Since it takes a while to get out of debt, it may already be too late for some but we should all try as hard as we can to reduce our cost of living as quickly as possible so if the worst happens we’ll be able to get through it. Getting rid of credit cards and other debt with a variable interest rate is the best thing we can do. But it’s something we have to do in advance because when the hard times hit it’ll be too late.