Will Every Jew Be Saved?


In Rom. 11:26-27, God tells us that “all Israel shall be saved.” Does that mean that all Jews still alive at the end of the Great Tribulation will be believers? Or, said in another way, does it mean that all non-believing Jews will have died?


Most scholars interpret Romans 11:26-27 to mean that some from every tribe of Israel will be saved. And it’s the same for Jews as for Gentiles. Only the believers from each group will enter the Kingdom Age. Those unbelievers who survive the Great Tribulation will be removed from Earth before the Millennium begins.

Zechariah 12:10-14 indicates that sometime before the end of the Great Tribulation,the Lord will pour out His Spirit of grace upon the remnant of Israel and they will finally realize that Jesus has been their Messiah all along. I believe it’s safe to conclude that all Jews alive in Israel at the time will become believers.

The Sheep and Goat judgment of Matt. 25:31-46 explains that only believing gentiles will be permitted to enter the Millennial Kingdom. All non-believers who survive the Great Tribulation will be escorted off the planet and into the eternal fire prepared for the devil and his angels.