Will Ezek. 38 Change Their Minds?


Have you ever thought that Arabs coming to the LORD after Ez 38-39 is fulfilled will be numbered among Gentiles coming into Kingdom when they realize Allah the moon god is not the powerful god they thought he was?


If you’re referring to the full number of Gentiles who make up the Church (Rom 11:25) I think we’ll be gone before the Muslim coalition realizes their forces have been defeated in the Battle of Ezekiel 38. But even though all the nations of the world will know that the God of Israel won the battle for His people, (Ezek 39:7) the events of Daniel’s 70th week which will follow show that it will by no means cause the people of other religions to flock to God. In fact it will have the opposite effect, as their response will be to amass an even mightier force and go after Israel again, culminating in the Battle of Armageddon. Then, after 1,ooo years of perfect in-person rule by the Lord Himself, the devil will be able to recruit a huge army to make one final (unsuccessful) attempt to defeat the Lord. Some people never learn.