Will Gentiles Be Servants To The Jews?


I’d like your opinion on OT passages that state Gentiles will be the Jews’ servants during the Millennial Kingdom. For example: Isaiah 14:1-2, 49:22-23 and 61: 6-7. I must admit, the thought of formerly anti-Semitic unbelievers, who convert to Christianity during the Great Tribulation and wind up serving the Jewish people, seems fair. But these passages imply that all Gentiles surviving the Tribulation will be in service to Israel. I am having a difficult time matching this with God’s promise that we are all his sons and daughters; that he is not a respecter of persons; and Gentiles are co-heirs of the promises made to Abraham.


The passages from Isaiah you cite refer to the Millennial Kingdom when once again Israel will be the pre-eminent nation on Earth, while the Church enjoys life in the New Jerusalem, which will not be on Earth. The promise of Gentiles being inheritors along with Israel of God’s promise to Abraham refers to the Church, not to Gentiles in general.(Gal. 3:29)

And yes, there will be many tribulation converts happily serving the needs of the Jewish nation during the Millennium. They will feel blessed to do so, because it was Israel who brought forth the Messiah and made their new life of peace and plenty possible.