Will God Be Disappointed In Me?


I have a brother, with whom I was extremely close for 25 yrs. When he got addicted to drugs he was no longer the brother I knew and loved. He turned into an abusive, irresponsible, malingerer and I inherited all of his responsibilities in life, including his daughter and animals. Finally, two years ago, when he was verbally abusive to my husband I had had enough and have not spoken to him since.

Although I know I can’t welcome him back into my life, I feel responsible for his soul because he’s not saved and I’m not trying to help him. He is always high, so I couldn’t get through to him even if I wanted to. I am wondering if God is going to be disappointed in me for not continuing to try to save his soul?


Each person is responsible for his or her own soul. Therefore, your brother is responsible for himself and God will not blame you for his inaction. This is Satan trying to guilt you into something that isn’t your fault. Resist him and he’ll flee from you (James 4:7)

Of course you should continue looking for an appropriate time to share the gospel with your brother if you haven’t already done so, but the best thing you can do for him is pray that God will soften his heart to receive the message of the cross while there’s time. After that it’s up to your brother.