Will God Hold Me To It?


I really pray you can give me a God given answer to the question I’m about to ask. Would God hold someone to a vow they make while being driven by Obsessive-compulsive disorder to make the vow? Like a vow not to ever marry someone?


God knew the intent of your heart when you made this vow and He also knew whether you would keep it or not. In Matt. 5:33-37, Jesus cautioned us against making them at all, saying that they come from the evil one.

That said, do you know it’s His will for you to remain single? If you’re sure He has called you to do so, then you should obey. For example, if you promised to remain single for life if He did something for you, and He did it, then you should assume it’s His will for you to remain single. If you’re not sure then you should ask Him to make this clear to you. If you’re sure that it wasn’t His will, then ask His forgiveness for trying to assert your will over His and consider yourself released.