Will I Be Able To Raise My Children?


I am a mother of 3 young children. I suffered through infertility for years before God blessed me with them. I love being their mother and look forward to watching them grow up at the same time I see that we are living in the end times and we will be raptured soon. My question is when we live in the millennium will I (we) be as we are now? Will I be able to raise them and be their mother there only in a wonderful world ruled by God? Just something I wonder about.


Although I’m convinced the Bible says we’ll all know each other personally after the Rapture, I haven’t found anything that defines our various relationships in greater detail. An advantage you have is that the Rapture will likely happen before your children reach the age of accountability. Tragically, some mothers have to face the possibility that one or more of their children may be left behind. But one thing is certain. When we get there we’ll have no regrets about any incomplete or unfulfilled dreams from this world. Otherwise it wouldn’t be heaven.