Will I See My Brother Again?


When I was 4 years old, my mom had a miscarriage and my baby brother died. I know he is in heaven with Jesus, but are he and my mentally disabled sister (who belongs to Jesus too, I know) the members of the church? Or are they a different category as old testament and tribulation saint are different? My hope is that I can live with my siblings in the New Jerusalem. I want to “get back” my ‘lost” brother, as I know the New Jerusalem is “church members only” (please correct me if it isn’t), that’s why it’s important to me.


Everyone who is conceived and dies before birth during the Church age is part of the Church. This includes all miscarried and aborted babies, regardless of the spiritual condition of their parents.

Also those born during the church Age who are not mentally capable of understanding the concept of sin and forgiveness belong to the Lord and are part of the Church. This would include children who are still too young when the Rapture comes and the mentally disabled.

Your brother is alive and whole and waiting for you and your sister to join him. Your sister will be made perfect at the rapture and you will all spend eternity together.