Will Jesus Have Time For Us?


We have a question concerning how much we will be in the physical presence of Jesus after the Resurrection, in the Millennium. I say that there is only one Jesus who has a physical body and that that he can only be physically in one place at one time. My wife says, nonsense, He can do anything he wants and be physically present in many places.

I also maintain that the Lord will be very busy ruling planet Earth and won’t have time for sort of thing that some of the hymns talk about–walking and talking with Him one on one, physically. I say that it will be possible to see Him, but that will be most likely great convocations. He, of course, will be available by prayer in spirit, but will probably be spending most of His time with the rulers and great saints of yesteryear and today.


You’re correct as it pertains to Jesus in the flesh. Even a resurrected physical body can only be in one place at a time. But I believe after we’re perfected our spiritual nature will be so much more attuned to the Spirit of Jesus that being with Him in spirit will be very much like being with Him in the flesh. I think the old hymns are really about the moments we’ve all experienced where His presence was so strong it was almost as if He was standing right there beside us. In the Millennium we’ll experience an even more real sense of His presence, and it will happen much more frequently.

By the way, I can’t imagine that even a responsibility as great as ruling the world would make the Lord too busy to have time for us when we need it. In Isaiah 65:24 the Lord said, “Before they call I will answer, while they are still speaking I will hear.” He was talking about the Millennium.