Will Martyrdom Be The Only Tribulation Death For Believers?


As I read about the end time events, your study of Revelations and other commentaries I have a question concerning the people killed by the plagues and judgments. When the tribulations Saints are referenced it seems to infer that they were killed for their stand for Christ. Does this mean that none will be harmed by the judgments and wrath to come during the tribulation? I have read that the Locusts from the pit were not to harm those with the seal of God in their forehead. Does this indicate all believers at the end times will have that seal and will be spared from death resulting from Gods wrath and judgment upon the earth? They will only experience death through execution by the Anti-Christ?


The way I read it, the Bible says about half the people alive at the beginning of the end times judgments will die during the 7 years before they’re over. Therefore it’s highly unlikely that believers will only die through martyrdom. Additionally, the Bible only mentions sealing the 144,000 witnesses (Rev. 7:3-4). I think the notion that all tribulation believers will be sealed and protected from harm is incorrect. I can’t find any place where the Bible even implies that. Therefore, those Tribulation Saints who are martyred for their faith must be only some of the believers who will die during that awful time.