Will Psalm 83 Precede Ezekiel 38?


I read a newsletter on the pre-trib rapture and it had something in there about Psalm 83 that got me a little confused. Most of the bible teachers I have read believe Psalm 83 is a prophetic war where Israel destroys her surrounding neighbors making the way for the peace and security before Ezekiel 38, however this newsletter disagrees. It says there is no specific indication that it will happen before Ezekiel 38. What do you think?


While scholars are divided on whether Psalm 83 will precede Ezekiel 38, all agree that the attack prophesied in Psalm 83 hasn’t happened yet. To me, saying that there’s no specific reason to date it prior to Ezekiel 38 in not sufficient cause to ignore it. I also believe that Israel’s next door neighbors will have to be defeated in order to achieve the perceived state of peace that permits the sneak attack Ezekiel spoke of (Ezek. 38:11). Psalm 83 uniquely calls for this by identifying Israel’s current neighbors using the names of people who occupied their lands in Biblical times.