Will Science Be The New God?


Is it possible that the one-world religion will not be Islam, but instead be atheism, or maybe more accurately, “scientism”? It seems that the ranks of believers in this world are shrinking exponentially. The global rise of atheistic China and modernizing India also lends credence to the possibility of mankind worshiping self-produced technology over any supernatural being. It’s a New Age idolatry.


Currently one in every five people on the planet belongs to the Islamic faith and their number is growing rapidly. After the church disappears this percentage will be much higher. Followers of Islam are generally not inclined to leave their religion and are encouraged to bring others into the faith.

Also, as the end of the age approaches people are becoming more attuned to the supernatural, not less so. 2 Thes. 2:9-10 and Rev 13:8,13 both say the anti-Christ will consolidate power through all kinds of counterfeit miracles, causing the whole world to worship him.

These factors seems to run counter to your view that scientism or technology will be the new god.