Will The Great Tribulation Be Shortened?


I have some questions in regard to how you think The Lord’s shortening of the Tribulation period, as stated in the Bible, will play out? I have never read anything in the Bible directly addressing how this will occur. I don’t believe I have even read a commentary on this question either. Only that The Lord is a compassionate God and for the sake of mankind this period of time will be shortened.

Will each of the judgments be shortened? Will a specific judgment by shortened? Will all the 70 weeks be fulfilled, only the judgments shortened, but spread out so that the Earth will still fulfill the prophesy of the entire 70 weeks? I realize your answer might be speculation, however, your thoughts on this question would be appreciated.


The Great Tribulation is the most thoroughly documented period of time in the New Testament. Jesus mentioned it being cut short for the sake of the elect in Matt. 24:22, and some say this means it won’t be allowed to run its full course. But John was one of the four disciples there as He said this and 60 years later, when he wrote the Revelation, John variously described its duration as 42 months (Rev. 11:2), 1260 days (Rev. 12:6), and 3.5 years (Rev. 12:14). This confirms prophecies in Daniel 9:27 & 12:7, and tells us the Great Tribulation will last the full 3.5 years prophesied for it. Therefore this interpretation of Matt. 24:22 must be incorrect.

I’m one of those who believe Jesus was saying that if He didn’t return to put an end to it at its appointed time, no one would survive the Great Tribulation, so for the sake of the elect He would put an end to it. Otherwise He would have been contradicting both Daniel and His own statement from the Olivet Discourse when he gave the Revelation to John.