Will The The Bema Judgment Be Painful?


The Rapture is near and I think a lot of my future life in Heaven. I agree with you that the only fireproof values of my life -which will not burn up at the Bema Seat Judgment – are those done in the Lord’s strength. I don’t think I’ve lived very much of my Christian life in His strength. I expect almost everything to go up in the smoke at the Bema Seat Judgment. Are the Bema Seat Judgments painful, its great shame unavoidable, and is it better if I brace myself for it?


The Bema Seat judgment takes place shortly after the rapture, which will absolutely be the happiest event in your life. Does it make sense that having given His life to make you perfect in His sight, and having finally rescued you from this world, the first thing the Lord will do is to subject you to shame and embarrassment? I don’t think so. I think the Bema Seat judgment will be more like the awards ceremonies you see on TV, where everyone’s happy to be there whether they win anything or not.