Will The Unsaved Dead Know Of Their Condition?


Because I have accepted Christ as my savior I know that I am going to die and be in the presence of Christ. What about people who die in sin, who were in denial and attempted to understand salvation by Grace,or who believed in something that was totally false. When they die and go to Sheol till the Great White Throne Judgment will they know immediately upon death that they were wrong and that Salvation by Faith was the true way. Will their eyes be opened or will they be in limbo until the Great White Throne?


The Story of the Rich man and Lazarus (Luke 16:19-31) is the Lord’s clearest teaching on the after life. In the story the rich man knew immediately after dying that he was in a place of torment and begged Abraham to let him go back and warn his brothers so they wouldn’t also come there. Limbo is a non-Biblical concept from Catholic theology, where it only applies to righteous but unbaptized souls such as little children, not to unsaved sinners.