Will Unbelievers Remember Their Sins?


I subscribe to Grace Thru Faith and look forward everyday to receiving it in my inbox – what a blessing! Many replies have been saved, so THANK YOU FOR A WONDERFUL MINISTRY! My question is do you think those who are condemned to hell will know why they’re there? Will they not only realize their unbelief put them there but also will they remember their crimes against mankind, and the people they hurt?


I believe everything in eternity is a study in opposites. Believers will receive blessings and eternal life in the presence of God. We will know exactly how we got there. Unbelievers will receive torment and eternal separation from God, and they’ll know exactly how they got there as well.

But their “crimes against mankind” are not what will put them in Hell because believers have committed crimes against mankind as well. What will put them there will be their refusal to accept the pardon for those crimes. We won’t remember our sins, and it’s not necessary for them to remember theirs. I think the realization that Jesus paid for their sins just like He did for ours, and the only thing that kept them out of Heaven was their refusal to accept that, will be punishment enough.