Wisdom Is Justified Of All Her Children


I’m somewhat uncertain what Jesus meant when in Luke 7:35 He told the multitude, “But wisdom is justified of all her children”. Was He simply reproving and explaining to this vast crowd of curious and inquiring people, or did He intend a deeper understanding for some as he included the word “all”?


In Luke 7:31-35 Jesus was making observations about the people of His day. His conclusion was that nothing pleased them. They reminded Him of children who wouldn’t dance when someone played a happy song, and wouldn’t cry when someone played a sad one.

John the Baptist called them to repentance. He showed them a life of voluntary deprivation and they said he was demon possessed. Jesus brought them forgiveness for their sins. He showed them a life of freedom and they called Him a glutton and a drunkard.

The phrase “wisdom is justified of her children” means the correctness of an action will become evident in the outcome that action produces. They weren’t happy with anyone God sent them and time would tell whether that was a wise position or not.