Women’s Head Covering


Got another sticky one and hoping you can help. I am teaching on 1 Cor 11:3-17 and Paul’s Teaching that women should pray and prophesy only with their heads covered. It’s kinda a big elephant in the room. You helped me with the parable of the Talents. What do you teach on this?


The women’s head covering issue is widely disregarded in the Church but in my opinion was never revoked. It’s said to be a matter of courtesy “for the sake of the angels.”

But I think Paul clarified his statement later when in 1 Cor. 11:15 he said that a woman’s long hair is her covering. I’ve read that Greek women were beginning to cut their hair short and wear men’s clothing in those days as a show of their independence and that Paul was really writing against the blurring of sexual distinction that continues to this day.

I’ve always been impressed by one fact that this passage reveals. Angels attend our worship services and for their sakes we should observe the God-given order of creation. Let men look and act like men, and women look and act like women.