Would He Still Be His Father’s Son?


What would have been the eternal destiny of the prodigal son if he had not repented? I mean if he had a heart attack in that hog wallow and died pounding his fist in that mud and slop cursing his father saying either in word or in his heart something to the effect “I’d rather die here than be in the presence of my father”….would he still have retained his sonship? (ie justification)


There’s no way the prodigal could ever stop being the son of his father, any more than you could stop being the son of yours. It’s a legal issue, not just a relational one. Here’s how that applies to us. John 1:12 says when we believed in Jesus we were given the authority to become children of God. Galatians 4:4-7 says He adopted us. We’re now legally His. He’s placed His seal of ownership on us and put His spirit in our hearts as a guarantee of that (2 Cor. 1:21-22).

At the rapture there will likely be some children of God who are not on good terms with their Father. They may not even be speaking to Him. But that’s irrelevant. They’re still His children, and when He calls us all home He’ll take them too.