Would They Have Done It Anyway?


Thank you for the continued blessing your website provides me. In reference to your answer to the question titled “The Power of Choice”, I’ve always wondered if Satan had not been in the Garden of Eden and had not tempted Eve, would Adam and Eve have disobeyed God anyway since they did not have a sin nature—only the power of choice? I realize you can only give an opinion on this, but I respect your thoughts.


I don’t think it would have occurred to our first parents to disobey God’s instructions had Satan not persuaded them that God was being less than honest with them. But even after he did, they could have chosen to reject Satan’s attempt to lead them astray and consulted with God before acting. God had shown Himself to be a kind and loving Father, worthy of their obedience. The first time the Bible mentions them having any fear of God was after they had sinned (Genesis 3:10). To me, this is an indication that being afraid of God is a consequence of our sin nature and not something we were originally created to have.