You Should Be Ashamed


You should be ashamed sending out a message about the future President of the United States and questioning whether he is the anti-Christ or not. You should be ashamed. It is just as likely or even perhaps more likely that Sarah Palin is the Anti-Christ.

Sending out a message like this does nothing but increase the fear of those who are gullible to such beliefs and undermines and slanders the name of a very good man. Shame on you for casting your bias and fears onto our President and causing even more discord in this world than already exists.

I am a born again Christian. I cannot say enough how much I feel you should be ashamed of propagating this vile point of view.


So if I understand you correctly, you’re saying that Mr. Obama can’t be the anti-Christ because you like him, but Sarah Palin can be because you don’t like her?

Had you read my article more carefully, you would have seen that I discouraged thoughts of Mr. Obama being the anti-Christ but explained that there isn’t any Biblical reason that he couldn’t turn out to be the one. That’s not the same as casting my fears and biases onto our future president. I also said that it’s irrelevant to the Church whether he is or isn’t, because by the time the anti-Christ is revealed we won’t be here. By the way, it’s not proper to address Mr. Obama as President Obama until after Jan. 20, 2009