More On Zombies In The Bible


Re: Zombies In The Bible,Follow Up. Could the people in Rev. 9:6 who “will not be able to die to escape from the terrible pain of the scorpion stings they will have received” be suffering from a paralysis caused by the stings? If these people were totally immobilized(but still conscious) where they could not move or even speak then they may seek death and long to die, but will be unable to do anything about it.


If these are actual scorpions and their venom has a paralyzing effect, this would be a natural (as opposed to supernatural) explanation for their inability to die. The agony they will suffer will be extreme and will last for 5 months with no escape. Something like that could literally drive a person crazy. Wishing for death as a relief and then not being able to die will only make things worse.