40 Day Prayer Challenge: Praying together

It’s Day 35 of our 40 Day Prayer Challenge!

I’m going to be sad when it ends. We couldn’t have foreseen how the world would change in these last 35 days, but God did!

I’ve been asked for a good list of prayer requests for us and those we serve. So let’s pray together!

(all the posts in this series are listed here for you to catch up!)

Prayers during Coronavirus

We stand in persistent faith and hope through this pandemic. We are not slaves to the fear all around us. We remember that fear is a liar. We wouldn’t trust anyone who has lied to us as much as our fears have. We have a Father who is faithful, who protects, provides, heals, delivers, and comforts us in our need.

We stand on the promises of God, and we stand in prayer for all who are in need, all who are suffering, and all who need Jesus. We won’t live in fear. We will definitely experience the feelings of fear in our bodies, but we won’t live in it. We can still be scared, but it won’t let us stop trusting God and praising Him in the midst of the storm.

We always come to know God in lack. We won’t know Him as our provision until we’re in need. We won’t know Him as our Healer until we are sick. I pray for God to show Himself mightily to you in this season.

Please pray with us.

Pray for our volunteers

We have amazing volunteers who love the Lord and love the people we serve. They are generous and faithful. They work tirelessly and sacrifice much to be the hands and feet of Jesus.

Lord, bless our volunteers and their families, protect them from all illnesses, and keep them safe while they minister to those in need. Give them Your wisdom and favor in each situation they find themselves in. Encourage them, strengthen them. Give them peace and hope. Equip them for every good work you have called them to do. Provide for their every need, and more, abundantly so that they can share Your provision with others.

Pray for those we serve

The people we serve were already in great need before this pandemic. Now, even the low paying jobs they had are gone, while they must stay home with no reserves and no ability to provide for themselves on their own. But God sees them! God sees all the need in the world and He uses us to provide! The challenges are food scarcity and job scarcity! Along with fear and uncertainty.

Lord, Jehova Jirah, our God Who Provides, we pray for the ability to help all those in need that You bring to us. We pray for both the provision and the ability to source enough food for those in need. We pray for favor with the stores and for the generosity of your people. Comfort those in need. Lord, show Yourself to those who don’t know You and draw their hearts to You. Give those we serve peace and the assurance that You are faithful. Remind them that You are their Provider and none of this is too hard for You. Wrap Your Holy Spirit around them like a shield. Protect them from all illnesses. Father, we declare that this Coronavirus will not come into their homes. You purchased our healing already, and by Your stripes, we are healed.

Pray for me and my family

Aidan and I are stuck on the US side of the border with family. This is both a blessing and a challenge. It felt odd phrasing a prayer request for myself in the third person, so I left it as if we were talking together and I was asking you to pray for me.

♥ Please pray for wisdom for me in all these many decisions we need to make. In serving both our volunteers and the people we serve well. That I will keep my focus on faith and on the amazing work God is doing through the crisis, instead of just trying to make it through this. Please pray for protection and health for us, our family and loved ones. Pray for our unity and growth as a family.

Pray for each other

We’ve always been blessed with an amazing community! Those who love Jesus and His people. Those who hear His promptings and carry out His purposes. Who are encouraging and loving and kind. Thank you for being here!

Lord, bless each in this community and their families and loved ones. We ask for full healing for all who are ill and protection for all who are well. Bring them peace and comfort. Prompt them to be Your comfort to those You bring to them. Let Your name be glorified in their lives. We pray that those in need will have all they need, and know You as Jehovah Jireh and praise You. We pray that the sick will recover fully and know You as Jehovah Rapha, our Healer and praise You. We pray for those alone will know You as El Roi, the God who sees. For those who are scared with the world in chaos, Lord show them You are El Elyon, our Almighty God.

Be our comforter our peace and our deliverance, Lord. We pray that You, Lord, will be glorified in this season and in all of our lives. Thank you, Lord. In the mighty name of Jesus, we pray together as one, Amen.

With love and gratitude!
♥ Samantha