40 Days of Prayer: Warfare & Reading Plan

First week complete!

Congratulations on making it through your first week! You have likely experienced ups and downs, challenges and encouragements! And we keep praying!

If you’re just joining us, here are the posts so far:

I love how diverse our group is here.

Some of us have regular prayer practices already. They are using these 40 days to renew their relationship with God, and to get out of any spiritual lull that can come when relationships are comfortable and familiar after many years. They want to reignite the fire of relationship.

Some of us are new to praying regularly and are excited to grow closer to Jesus, gain clarity and guidance, and watch God move mountains!

I’m a bit of both!! I’ve had a regular practice for years, but I also want to grow my relationship with God and I have mountains I want Him to move!

We also have a lot of people who are just joining us in this prayer challenge! Welcome! God will catch you right up, it’s never too late to start!

I’ve gotten so many encouraging messages from you guys of what God is already doing in your hearts and in your lives. I pray, Lord, bring more, please! More transformation, more joy, more conviction, more guidance, more blessings, more sacrifice, more of You Lord.

Spiritual Warfare Resources

I’ve also gotten messages from people who have started praying regularly and have had a lot of difficulty and interference. In ministry, we often say that if the devil isn’t messing with you, he doesn’t consider you a threat! Our response isn’t to shrink in the face of difficulty, it’s to grow bolder and to pray harder.

And for some dealing with serious warfare, I love to recommend this ministry and the prayers they pray:


I recommend beginning with their Daily Prayer, and look through any other that seems relevant or helpful for you. You can read them, or you can listen to them being read for you.

Reading through the Gospels Full Plan:

I love that so many of us are reading through the Gospels together! Many have asked for the breakdown of each day, so here it is!

Following along with the worldwide church who practice lent, we began on February 26. Because this counting doesn’t include weekends, we have some extra days!

So this just gives us all some extra margin in this. If you get behind or miss a day, there’s time to catch up! Both in praying and in reading. ♥ Don’t get discouraged if you’ve gotten behind or missed some days. Just pick right back up where we are now. Remember God’s mercies are new every morning. And doing something is better than doing nothing.

Matthew in 12 Days

Feb 26, Day 01: Matthew 1-2
Feb 27, Day 02: Matthew 3-4
Feb 28, Day 03: Matthew 5-7
Feb 29, Day 04: Matthew 8-9
Mar 1, Day 05: Matthew 10-12
Mar 2, Day 06: Matthew 13-14
Mar 3, Day 07: Matthew 15-16
Mar 4, Day 08: Matthew 17-18
Mar 5, Day 09: Matthew 19-20
Mar 6, Day 10: Matthew 21-23
Mar 7, Day 11: Matthew 24-25
Mar 8, Day 12: Matthew 26-29

Mark in 6 Days

Mar 9, Day 13: Mark 1-3
Mar 10, Day 14: Mark 4-5
Mar 11, Day 15: Mark 6-7
Mar 12, Day 16: Mark 8-10
Mar 13, Day 17: Mark 11-13
Mar 14, Day 18: Mark 14-16

Luke in 11 Days

Mar 15, Day 19: Luke 1-2
Mar 16, Day 20: Luke 3-4. Halfway through the Gospels and our 40-day challenge!!
Mar 17, Day 21: Luke 5-6
Mar 18, Day 22: Luke 7
Mar 19, Day 23: Luke 8-9
Mar 20, Day 24: Luke 10-11
Mar 21, Day 25: Luke 12-13
Mar 22, Day 26: Luke 14-16
Mar 23, Day 27: Luke 17-19
Mar 24, Day 28: Luke 20-21
Mar 25, Day 29: Luke 22-24

John in 11 Days

Mar 26, Day 30: John 1-2
Mar 27, Day 31: John 3-4
Mar 28, Day 32: John 5-6
Mar 29, Day 33: John 7-8
Mar 30, Day 34: John 9-10
Mar 31, Day 35: John 11-12
Apr 01, Day 36: John 13-14
Apr 03, Day 37: John 15-16
Apr 03, Day 38: John 17
Apr 03, Day 39: John 18-19
Apr 04 Day 40: John 20-21

God bless you!!
♥ Samantha