This week in Mexico 2-9-24

The walls are going up on Dinora’s house and we’re carving out any time we can with the kids in our Escuelita.

Happy weekend, everyone! ♥ We are starting to dry out today after several huge storms. We even got hail! It’s been a pretty extreme rainy season this year and our houses and roads are ready to dry out a bit. But the land looks so beautiful, lush, and green. Thank you so much for all your prayers during this season!

Today, I have Dinora’s house project and our Escuelita to share with you!

Dinora’s House

In between the storms, we have been able to get some walls up at Dinora’s house. Watching the walls go up and the house begin to take shape is so exciting! We’ve run electrical and plumbing. I can’t wait to get her and her children into this house. ♥

Because of how her lot is shaped, we had to change up the plans a bit. She is standing outside what will be the bedrooms, three of them along the front of the house. The walkway to the front door will be to the left in the photo below. The kitchen/living room and bathroom will be on the back side of the house. We usually put the bathroom at the end so we don’t sacrifice any of the 600 square feet for a hallway. But the septic tank is on the other end of the house, so we needed to put the bathroom where we usually have the kitchen. The slab is 20×30 feet, split with bedrooms down one side and kitchen/living room and bathroom on the other. Because the bathroom needs to be on the end with the front door, we’ll lose a bit of space for the kitchen. So we’re hoping to figure out some smart storage solutions for her kitchen.

The photo below shows the house oriented from the front door. The three bedrooms are on the right-hand side below, and you can see the wall going up in the middle. When you walk in, the bathroom will be carved out into the front left corner, and the back left corner will be her kitchen.

In the photo below, you can see the wooden forms going up to pour the concrete door and window headers.

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Our Escuelita

Because we meet outside, our schedule has become any time we can carve out when it’s not raining.

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