This week on the website: August 8, 2020

This week, we covered Jack’s study on Romans with chapters 11-12. Chapter 12 is one of my absolute favorites. Here’s Jack’s intro to Part 10 that covers Romans 12:

We began this series from the perspective that our time is short and we should make sure we’re ordering what’s left of it around the Lord’s priorities for our lives. In the first 8 chapters, we saw again that the only way into the Kingdom is absolute reliance on the Lord and His atoning sacrifice. Trusting our destiny to Him and Him alone is our perfect security. Chapters 9-11 detailed the clear distinction between the Church and Israel in terms of origin and destiny.

Now we’ll turn our attention to the specific things we should be doing to prepare for the day when we’re called heavenward. Our objective is neither to earn nor keep our salvation, things we can’t do anyway, but to express our gratitude for having been given it, and to store up treasure in Heaven. It won’t be long before the life we’ve worked so hard to build for ourselves here will be left behind. All that will remain is the treasure we’ve stored up for ourselves there.

Here’s a recap of this week’s featured posts, in case you missed any:

On the site, we continued Jack’s study on the Book of Romans, with Part 9 and Part 10.

On the blog

Our week in review posts were getting incredibly long, so I’m breaking them up now. I’ll link to each part so it’s still easy to follow along. See the two outreach links above for pictures from our week.


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