India Outreach

In 2007, a reader from India wanted advice to start a Bible outreach to children in a poor tribal area. We prayed, and knew the Lord wanted us to join with him and share His love and provision with these people.

Violent persecution of Christians took place just before our first planned outreach. Over 50,000 were left homeless after mobs burned down homes, churches, and businesses. Christians were threatened to covert to Hinduism or be tortured and killed. In the aftermath of the attack, those who survived and were able to fled the area, leaving mostly seniors and children.

Reaching the children in this area became even more important than before. And we’ve continued for 9 years! For two weeks at a time, we provide food, activities and the love of Jesus to hundreds of children, while teaching them about the Bible.

Because of the persecution and danger in this area, we couldn’t post photos or info on the internet before. But the Lord has brought so much restoration to this area in the last eight years. Those who were children in our first outreaches are now the youth leaders. The Lord has raised up pillars in the community who love and serve Him!

Thank you so much for your support that enables us to reach those in need with the love of Jesus.