Observing Levitical Feasts

Q.   My husband has become quite enthralled with the Messianic movement.  I enjoy the services and love to read how the different feasts relate to the Christ.
My husband has been observing the feasts listed in Lev. 23.  Since it says 4 times in that chapter regarding the feasts that “It is to be a perpetual statue in throughout your generations” he claim that God has meant for us to observe these feasts as well.  The “throughout your generations” is what is emphasized.
Would you explain this to me, please?  I can’t argue with the Scriptures but I thought Jesus fulfilled the Law.

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A Wednesday Crucifixion?

Q.  I’ve seen an article on several sites I visit claiming the crucifixion took place on a Wednesday and therefore Jesus actually came out of the grave around sunset on Saturday.  We only celebrate it on Sunday morning because no one knew about it until then.  Have you seen this?

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Interesting Facts About Easter. Follow Up

Q.  Re: Interesting Facts About Easter.   This was confusing to me.  Your answer says it is not related to Passover in the first few sentences, but in the last sentence states it is 3 days after Passover. Which one is it? I always thought it was 3 days after Passover that Jesus was resurrected. Are you simply saying Easter itself is separate from Jesus’s resurrection and is simply the spring equinox?

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Faith Plus Works?

Q.  In a question on law and grace, you made this statement:  “During the dispensation of Law, believers had to give evidence of their faith by keeping the Law. During the Dispensation of Grace, also known as the Church Age, this evidence is not required.”

My question is:  that James speaks of our faith as dead without works.  To me this means that our faith is also evidenced by our works –  not that our works save us, our salvation as in the OT is also based on faith.  But in the NT, if we do not have works that evidence our faith as well, then that faith is dead.  Not understanding how you can say this based on James teachings.

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Can Angels Marry?

Q.  I tend to think the theory that Nephilim were a result of the fallen angels mating with human women makes sense. Yet, I am still confused by the fact that Jesus Himself said that angels do not marry, nor are they given in marriage in Matt 22:30 while Genesis 6:2 explicitly states that the “sons of God” married the daughters of women.  And the fact that even if they did possess a human male for this process rather than just manifesting themselves as a human, how could the angelic part of the Union be passed on to offspring if life reproduces after its own kind according to Genesis and yet the Angels don’t reproduce?

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How Can Smoking Not Be A Sin?

Q. This isn’t the first thing I have read from your Q&A forum, but this one is the most disturbing. Sin is missing the mark, and if our body is the temple of the HS, isn’t smoking, overeating and basic abuse of our own bodies a Sin? Do you smoke? Why or why not? Please elaborate. Continue reading…

Answering An Unbeliever’s Questions

Q. My husband was watching a debate on youtube about God’s existence and he said that in this video it was mentioned that in the old testament (specifically in the book of Deuteronomy) there used to be human sacrifice offered to God but then it was switched to animals. I’ve never heard such thing and I find it hard to believe.

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Easter Or Ishtar?

Q. How does one explain to loved ones that the real Resurrection Sunday falls on the Sunday after Passover, and not on some other day? I tried to tell them that they are celebrating a Babylonian goddess (Ishtar), based on the lunar cycle, but they maintain, that it doesn’t matter what day they observe, as long as they observe it. Why is the church behaving like a bunch of lemmings?

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More Nephilim To Come?

Q.  Concerning these days as being like the days of Noah, and as we speculate that once again, the Nephilim, or fallen angels, may be mating with some humans,   the following scripture has been brought to my attention.

2 Peter 2:4 states “For if God spared not the angels that sinned, but cast them down to hell, and delivered them into chains of darkness, to be reserved until judgment”.

If this refers to those same fallen angels,  how can they be doing it now, today, if they are chained in hell?

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Is Dating My Late Wife’s Sister OK?

Q. I need your advice on a dating issue.  I have been thinking about starting to date my late wife’s sister. She has been divorced about five years now after her ex left her for another woman. Is it morally wrong for us to start this dating life? We are both saved.  My biggest issue is this.   Am I disrespecting my late wife for doing it? And how will it affect our reunion in heaven when we are reunited?

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