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Daniel’s Story: Chapter 2

The Big Dream

In the second year of his reign Nebuchadnezzar had a dream that really perplexed him and he saw a great opportunity to put his advisers to the test. Remember, he had inherited most of them from his father and didn’t trust them one whit. When he assembled them to interpret the dream,

Daniel’s Story: Chapter 3

The Big Statue

I guess it should come as no surprise that Nebuchadnezzar developed quite a big head over his dream. I mean it’s one thing to become a king in your early 20’s, but quite another to be told by the Creator of the Universe that you’ve been given authority over all living things wherever they are in the world (Dan 2:36-38).

Daniel’s Story: Chapter 4

“O King, You’re Such An Animal”

It’s not every day that the Creator of the Universe puts a prophetic dream into the mind of a person, and when the dream appoints that person King of the Whole Earth it’s truly a unique event. But by building his statue entirely of gold,

Daniel’s Story: Chapter 5

The Big Party

After Nebuchadnezzar’s death, several of his relatives had their turn on the throne of Babylon, usually cut short by the malicious infighting that sometimes characterizes royal families. Assassination had become the order of the day. Finally, toward the end of the 70 year period that the LORD had ordained for Babylon’s rule over the known world (Jeremiah 25:12) his son Nabonidus got control and things settled down a little.

Daniel’s Story: Chapter 6

The Lion’s Den

I guess you’d say I’ve lived a pretty unique life; born a prince of Israel, taken hostage to Babylon as a teenager only to become a major political figure there as counselor to the King and finally rising to the number 3 spot in the Babylonian government,

Daniel’s Story: Chapter 7

The Big Dream Part 2

So far I’ve related this tale pretty much in the order these things happened to me. But now I’m going to back track a little to tell you about some remarkable visions and dreams I’ve had from time to time. I’ve saved them till now because they don’t really fit into the theme of my story.

Daniel’s Story: Chapter 8, Part 1

The Ram And The Goat

After the dream of the four beasts, I didn’t have any more like it for about 2 years. But then one night in 551BC I dreamed that I was in the city of Susa standing by the Ulai canal in the region of Elam, which was part of Persia in my day. 

Daniel’s Story: Chapter 8, Part 2

The Origin of Hanukkah

As my dream continued, I saw another horn grow up out of one of the four prominent horns of the goat. It grew to the south and east toward the Beautiful Land, as we often call Israel. This horn grew until its power (horns stand for power remember) reached into the very heavens,

Daniel’s Story: Chapter 9

Answered Prayer

In 538 BC, the first year of Persian rule over Babylon, I read in the Book of Jeremiah that our captivity in Babylon was supposed to last 70 years (Jere. 25:11-12). Jeremiah, you may remember, lived around the same time as I did and documented the defeat of Israel and destruction of Jerusalem from that end while Ezekiel and I wrote from Babylon.

Daniel’s Story: Chapters 10-12

The Big Picture Chapter 10 … Prelude

As if the dream predicting the Messiah’s coming wasn’t enough, two years later I received another revelation. This one gave me such detail about the future of my people that in your time “scholars” who don’t believe in predictive prophecy have tried to make the claim that I didn’t really write my story at all.

Daniel’s Story: Chapter 11:1-35

The Kings of the North and South

The angel said he had been sent to tell me what had been written in the Book of Truth, a heavenly account of history, written in advance. He began by saying that there would be three more Persian kings in a time of relative peace and prosperity,

Daniel’s Story: Chapter 11:36-12

History to Prophecy

Even though all of the angel’s overview of Israel’s history from 535BC to the end of the age came to me in advance, the first 35 verses of chapter 11 have already been fulfilled and documented as historical fact as you have seen. But now, again without skipping a beat and without a word of explanation,

Daniel’s Story: Chapter 12

Michael To The Rescue (With A Little Help From You Know Who)

But just as things seem hopelessly lost Michael, the Archangel who commands the forces of the LORD, will arise to join the fray. Israel’s situation is getting serious and they’ve finally recognized that they’re outgunned and need some supernatural intervention.

Seven Men Named Jesus

I recognize the name, but are you sure we're talking about the same man?

The Revelation Story: Chapters 7-10

Chapter 7

Because even in wrath God remembers mercy, He paused to commission 144,000 Jews, 12,000 each from 12 of the tribes of Israel, to go out among the people of the Earth and once again spread the Gospel into every nation and in every language. And just then all those who had not become believers until after the rapture,

The Revelation Story: Chapters 11-14

Chapter 11

As the end of the age was drawing near, the Lord had made Himself known to the People of Israel again just as Ezekiel had fore told 2500 years earlier, and in response they had built a temple for worshiping Him again like they did in Old Testament days.

The Revelation Story: Chapters 15-18

Chapter 15

Back in Heaven seven angels appeared along with the seven golden bowls of God’s Wrath, His last series of judgments. When these were over His enemies would be vanquished and His victory complete. Just then another large group of martyrs arrived from Earth and stood before His throne.

The Revelation Story: Chapters 19-End

Chapter 19

With the final and total destruction of Babylon, God’s enemies have been all but defeated and the war for Planet Earth is just about over. “Hallelujah,” we all shouted from Heaven, “For our Lord God Almighty reigns!” Hallelujah is a Hebrew word meaning “Praise the Lord” and after the fact I was surprised to learn that I’m the only New Testament writer who used it.