Daniel’s Story: Chapter 12

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Michael To The Rescue (With A Little Help From You Know Who)

But just as things seem hopelessly lost Michael, the Archangel who commands the forces of the LORD, will arise to join the fray. Israel’s situation is getting serious and they’ve finally recognized that they’re outgunned and need some supernatural intervention. The armies of Heaven will accompany him as will the LORD Himself, having waited 2000 years for their call (Hosea 5:15-6:2). Once He arrives, just the sound of His Voice is enough to put his enemies to rout.

Then the most amazing thing will happen. All those among my people who believed that the rituals they performed endlessly every day of their lives were really pointing to a coming Redeemer and died in faith of His promise to come and save them, will be raised up to receive the rewards of their faith. From Adam forward, multitudes will be given eternal life in the presence of God. Those who rejected the promise of salvation will arise later to spend eternity regretting their stubbornness and stupidity.

Then two other angels appeared and together informed me that this terrible time of warfare and judgment will last 3 1/2; years, and when my people finally realize that they need their God to survive He’ll come back and make things right. It seems the culmination of human history awaits my people’s decision to return to the God Who has loved them from the beginning of time.

I wanted more clarification, but the angel explained that he had told me all that was permitted and our meeting was over. But in the time between our visit and the actual events he had described many would come to know God and be saved, just as many would reject Him and be lost. It’s the predictable effect of man’s free will.

Then he gave me a final puzzle, and to the best of my knowledge it works out like this. From the time of the abomination that causes desolation to the Lord’s return will be 3 1/2; years. Since God’s calendar consists of 12 thirty-day months, 3 1/2; years equals 1260 days. If, as many believe, the Lord’s return will take place on Rosh Hashanah, there will immediately be 10 Days of Awe  followed by Yom Kippur, the national day of atonement for Israel. Assuming that the judgment of the nations spoken of in Matt. 24:45- 25:46 requires another 20 days, the 1260 day time of wrath plus 10 days till the judgement of the Jews plus 20 days of judgment for the Gentiles equals the 1290 days referenced by the angel. If setting up Messiah’s Kingdom and the cleansing and purifying the Temple built 7 years earlier takes another 45 days then 1335 days will have passed from the abomination that causes the desolation of the Temple to it’s first use in service to God.  Remember, this number was indicated by the angel without explanation or clarification so I’m just offering an opinion here.

As for me, the angel said I would live out the remainder of my life and die, to be resurrected at the End of the Age to receive my inheritance. I never returned to Israel, but lived the remainder of my life in Persia and was buried in Susa, the capital city, where a shrine built in remembrance of me still exists.   And that’s my story. I pray that it’s blessed you and helped in your understanding of God’s Word. Shalom.