More On The 144,000 Of Rev. 7 And Rev. 14


Concerning The 144,000 of Rev. 7 and Rev 14. You have said Rev. 7 is referring to the Jewish servants of God and Rev. 14 is the church. If that’s the case, why are the numbers of both 144,000? Thanks for all your help, I have learned more from your website than all my teachings in church.


The number 144,000 is 12 times 12,000. In Rev. 7:4-8 the Lord goes to great lengths to show this to be an actual number, 12,000 from each of 12 named Tribes of Israel. They will serve the Lord on Earth during Daniel’s 70th Week.

In Rev. 14:1-5 the reference is to a different group. This group is described as having been redeemed from the earth and are before the Throne of God singing a new song, a song only they can sing. They are pure and blameless, they’ve been purchased from among men, and are offered as first fruits to God and the Lamb. These characteristics describe the redeemed Church. They are with the Lord in heaven.

In Biblical numerology 12 is the number of governmental perfection. Multiplying it by 12,000 makes it perfect beyond comprehension. Since all these characteristics uniquely describe the Church, and since the Church contains many more than 144,000 members, the number has to be symbolic of a perfect system of government comprised of the Lord and His Church who will rule together in the millennial Kingdom.