Choosing The 144,000


I am currently reading your article “The 144,000 of Rev 7 and 14” and this question comes to mind. Does Israel have any idea of just how many of their people come from which tribe? I am sure The Lord does and He will use that knowledge in selecting the 144,000 Jewish men for teaching in the Tribulation. That would be an interesting thing to know, I think.


I don’t know if Israel tracks these things the way they used to in Biblical times or not. And they probably don’t have any way of knowing the tribal affiliation of Jews outside of Israel. The way I read Rev. 7:4-8 the Lord is not limited to choosing only those Jews who live in Israel. But as you say, He knows the tribal affiliation of every living Jewish man in the world and will have no trouble coming up with the correct number from each tribe.

Of course, when the selection of the 144,000 takes place the Church will already be gone, so all Jewish people who receive Jesus as their Savior before the rapture will be unavailable.