1948 Or 1967, Follow Up


As for whether Jerusalem is still being trampled by gentiles, am I right in saying that the truth of that hinges on the definition of the word ‘trampled’? No doubt the Jews still don’t have full control over all Jerusalem, but it may be that the sense of the word is actual ownership of the city and not necessarily full control of it. If that’s the case then the times of gentiles have been fulfilled. So which is it?


The word trampled in Luke 21:24 means to tread upon. The Greek word is pateo. It’s the same word used in Rev. 11:2 to describe how the Gentiles will trample upon the Holy City for 42 months, the duration of the Great Tribulation. To me this means the times of the Gentiles won’t end until the Lord returns. I believe this disqualifies 1967 as the beginning of the 70 year countdown to the 2nd Coming.