2 Thessalonians 2 And The Rapture


Maybe you can answer a question that has bugged me for quite awhile. II thes 2 speaks of when the antichrist will be revealed. A few verses after it speaks of him being revealed AFTER the “one” who restrains is out of the way. My thinking on this is that the Holy Spirit is the restrainer and His being removed also refers to the Church being Raptured. Am I on the right track here? So when is he revealed? Before or after the rapture?


Reading 2 Thes. 2 carefully tells us the order of End Times events. Verse 3 says that the Day of the Lord (Great Tribulation) can’t come until the Anti-Christ is revealed and verse 7 says the anti-Christ can’t be revealed until the restrainer (Holy Spirit) is taken out of the way. Since the Holy Spirit is sealed within the Church that means we have to be gone in the Rapture before the Anti-Christ can be revealed. Paul also confirmed what the Lord said in Matt. 24:15-21 that the anti-Christ will officially reveal himself by standing in the temple declaring that he’s God. This is the Abomination of Desolation that begins the Great Tribulation.