2012, Follow Up


Thank you for all you have written. You have so helped clarify things for me. Your writing is not something I have to ‘wade through’–it is profound, yet easy to read and grasp, not textbookish. That is a real gift you’ve been blessed with and have nurtured.

I just finished reading the recently posted “2012” commentary. I couldn’t help but make a connection (in the paragraph where you speak of the earth possibly spinning faster due to the dual reversal) to Matt 24:22/Mark 13:20 about “unless those days were shortened”, and Rev 8:12 “a third of the day did not shine, likewise the night”. An earth spinning faster would certainly shorten the days, wouldn’t it!


It’s a little confusing but it’s the Earth’s molten inner core that will be spinning faster, not its surface. The phrase “days were shortened” in Matt. 24 / Mark 13 is a poor translation. In effect the Lord was saying that if He didn’t put a stop to the Great Tribulation at its appointed time, no one would survive. I don’t think Rev. 8:12 really says the day and night will be any shorter. I think it refers to the fact that all the particulates in the air from the meteor strikes and fires will block out a third of the light. But no matter what we think about it, without a doubt it will be a very difficult time for the people of Earth.