666 And The Star Of David


I happened to notice that the Star of David contains : a six sided figure(hexagon}, six small triangles, and six points. Do you think that this might be what is referred to in chapter 13 of Rev? I understand that the Star of David is of relatively recent usage. Just a thought.


The Star of David is actually a 12 sided figure, each of its six small triangles having 2 exposed sides. It was first mentioned in Rabbinical writings in the Middle Ages, although some sources track it back to the time of King Solomon when it was called the Seal of Solomon. It’s exact origin is unknown and both Christian and Moslem groups have used it over time as well as Jews.

It became identified with Judaism when Hitler made Jews wear a yellow badge with a black 6 pointed star for identification purposes prior to and during World War 2. When the nation was re-born Israel adopted it as a national symbol.

Since the 666 of Rev. 13 is an actual number and is the numerical value of a man’s name, I don’t believe the Star of David will be the fulfillment of this prophecy.