Is the World Wide Web The 666?


I want to bring up some thing, I think is new – because of this last bible answer of yours on 666 – the newest idea (not mine) is that the “www” (World Wide Web) is connected to 666. I know and understand that Revelations was written in Greek yet from this new idea “w” in Hebrew is equal to 6. Have you heard this before and what is and/or would be your comprehension?


In Rev. 13:18, John wrote that the number of the anti-Christ’s name is 666. That means the numerical equivalent of the letters in his name will add up to 666. But in the original language (Greek) 666 is written as six hundred, sixty, and six. The fact that the letter W(V) in Hebrew has a numerical equivalent of 6 means that www is 6 + 6 + 6, which equals 18, not six hundred sixty six. There in no connection between www and 666.