World Wide Famine Soon?


I have had some news items come to my attention from Christian sources that say world food shortages are beginning to happen and that we as Christians should be getting prepared. It has been my belief up to now that the severity in food shortage and other products would most likely happen after the Rapture. I can now see where things may get pretty tight as this is happening right now. My question is- Do you believe there are going to be very serious food shortages and other kinds of extreme hardships here in the U.S. before the Rapture happens? And if so, other than tightening our finances what else can we be doing?


Jesus said that before the end comes there would be famines in various places (Matt. 24:7), but that this was just the beginning of birth pangs. We’re seeing this in some parts of the world already. After the rapture, things will get worse very quickly, with the spiraling food costs of the 4th seal judgment (Rev. 6:8) requiring everything an average person earns in a day just to purchase that day’s food.

Currently, there’s still plenty of food to buy, but prices are rising dramatically while the average individual’s purchasing power has declined. This puts a real strain on food budgets. The fragile state of our economy means it wouldn’t take much for things to get worse very quickly.

The Bible only promises the Church that we’ll be rescued from the time of God’s wrath (1 Thes. 1:10). Many people, even in the US, are already having a hard time getting by. How bad things will get before the rapture is anybody’s guess. But the promise of God is that if we seek His Kingdom and His righteousness He will see that our needs are met (Matt. 6:31-33).